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outdoor sport's out

Is Outdoor sport out?

What’s really new in outdoor sports? — Another ascent of X? The innovation by company Y? The region in Z made accessible? — Is this really new for you? Well, for Postoutdoorsports, this kind of news is dragged from yesterday. Because an outdoor sports practice and culture that sticks on "more of the same" is not up to date any more. Evolution goes its way to more span and more depth. Can you see it? — If yes, let's come back again. Come back to today. 

Alternative yesterday, old-fashioned now

But one glance back before: Some years ago, outdoor sports were called an „alternative sports culture” [1]. These times have gone. Bouldering, free climbing, paragliding, kayaking, mountain biking, slacklining, snowboarding… was alternative. Now it’s established and organized. What was extreme in the past is normality today. Well, there is a reason for that and most people didn’t even notice: Sport development — and your development as an individual— is embedded in a bigger evolutionary process: the evolution of culture and human consciousness. This evolution takes the step to the next stage, whether you want it or not. 

The next level

Evolutionary scientists see not just a step, but a „momentous leap in meaning”. In other areas of culture and society the take-off has already started; for example in business and economy, education or ecology [2]. Is sport lagging behind? — Yes, because one could gain the impression that the „spirit of outdoor sports” silently escaped from some athletes, companies and associations. And no, because there is a new movement — of athletes, artists and leaders towards the next stage. This is the leading edge of sports’ evolution.


Illustration: The major breakthroughs for sport culture until today


The illustration reveals the major breakthroughs of movement culture in the last millennia. Evolution seems to accelerate rapidly. You can also see that outdoor sport is fairly young. Its breakthrough happened just a few decades ago. Yet, it holds a potential that accumulated over centuries. Nevertheless, it grinds to a halt. — But why?

Close to breakthrough

This is due to a number of reasons: Firstly, almost nobody has recognized the full potential of outdoor sports — neither in its culture nor in individual activity. Secondly, most people have not yet developed the capacity to realize this potential. And thirdly, close to the next breakthrough the course of evolution naturally slows down. If a river is blocked in its course, it rises the water level, increases the pressure, sends the first drops through fine cracks — until the stream continues. 

Among the first drops, are you?

Conventional outdoor sport is out. While the mainstream chooses stagnation, pioneers already are on their way: to post-outdoorsport. Some of them are not yet aware, but if you follow your vision and intuition you'll manifest tomorrow in the now. Postoutdoorsports supports athletes, artists and organizations to move into the next evolutionary stage.



[1] See, for instance, Krüger (1988), Rinehart (2003), Wheaton (2007) and Willimczik (2007).
[2] In Reinventing Organizations, Frederic Laloux describes inspiring cases in the area of organizational development. Integral Ecology by Sean Esbjörn-Hargens und Michael Zimmerman is a path-breaking approach to environmental issues. In the field of education, institutions such as the California Institute of Integral Studies managed to take off.