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our purpose

Why we exist

Because athletes and organizations in outdoor sports only realize 50% of their full potential.*
Yes, this is a bold claim — and we are very aware of it. That’s why our statement sets the ideal starting point for Postoutdoorsports. It is based on careful observations and first-hand experiences. And we are looking forward to adjust the percentage upwards with you. 


More and more outdoor athletes and organizations wonder what the next step will be: the next step in engaging their sporting activity and the next step in outdoor sports as a whole. There are several reasons for that: Your body changes. Your sport changes. Your life changes. The market changes. Our world changes. 

… or potential? 

And you? Whether you want to stay active or transform creatively, to continue your journey you need new approaches. New does not mean: more of the same hackneyed solution; nor does it mean that you have to let go everything and start from scratch. It means that you take your next step — as an athlete, as an artist, as a leader in outdoor sports. 
In this light, our claim is thrilling and challenging: Half of the overall potential is still unlocked. There is plenty new ground to explore, in the territory of outdoor sports, in its people, communities, organizations — and in yourself. Are you ready? 


If yes, then you are not alone. Postoutdoorsports (POS) detects the full potential of outdoor sports in its span and depth. POS exists to encourage your all-inclusive realization. POS seeks to co-create and provide the best insights, models and practices to exercise body, mind and spirit in outdoor sports and culture.


* 48,3%, to be precise. — How is this percentage determined? POS differentiates outdoor sport as a whole into a set of relevant capacities, for example the athletic, the economic, or the cognitive capacity. Each of these capacities goes through certain levels, some of which have already been reached by outdoor sports and some not yet. Integral Theory — a meta-theory which synthesizes over 70 developmental theories — is used to estimate and to quantify the potential which athletes and organizations are currently able to realize on an average. The specified percent value is the sum of the filled-out levels on all relevant capacities. 


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