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about my partners


Postoutdoorsports is not alone. Evolution weaves a web to realize the next level of outdoor sports. Here I proudly present my partners.

Harald Philipp

Harald is a Mountainbike-adventurer, film maker and speaker. In his hometown Siegen he couldn't realize his alpinist genetics to full extent. So he moved to Innsbruck and became famous as a bike-mountaineer.  

But standstill is not Haralds thing. He prefers to be in flow — whether on two wheels or between two worlds: between experiencing and storytelling, between philosophy and practice, between work and play. To discover new horizons, he leaves rigid opinions safely at home. 

Harald not only cuts a great figure in riding a bike, but in being human too. His spectrum contains critical thoughts and clear answers, as well as creative ideas and witty punch lines. I really enjoyed our teamwork in the service of Flow

 photo Roland Noichl

photo Roland Noichl

iAwake Technologies

iAwake Technologies create leading-edge audio programs for meditation and brainwave entrainment. Since 2010, they extend their product range to any field of application: You will find the right one for you, whether you are a flow-junkie, a pro athlete or interested in deep meditation. 

Furthermore, John Dupuy and his Team provide the best service I ever received. This kind of support comes from the heart. I am delighted about the partnership between iAwake and Postoutdoorsports.

 Interplay of elements in Awake's backcountry (Utah, USA)   |   photo John Dupuy

Interplay of elements in Awake's backcountry (Utah, USA)   |   photo John Dupuy

iAwake are based in Utah (USA), where John goes outdoors for a walk every morning. Several times a week, he trains in the gym, even when he is traveling. Meditation with headphones belongs to his daily routine, although he has much do: playing music, being a husband, running a company and managing the Center of Integral Recovery. This I call practice!

We first met each other in 2014, but I appreciated iAwake's products and support already before. After years of intense experience I highly recommend their tracks.