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what next

What next?

What the hell is this post-outdoorsport kind of thing? 

„Post” means: what comes next — in the evolution of outdoor sports and in yours. 

It’s that simple. And to keep it simple, there are just two ways to face the next step. You know them both: The first is to wait for something to react on. The second is to listen, to trust and to take action. This is the way of pioneering athletes and organizations who join a whole new adventure. Destination: post-outdoorsport. 

What does it look like?

Explorers are curious about what comes next. But while we try to predict the future and are busy with the consequences it might have for us, we may forget what is now. The truth is: Nobody knows exactly, what the next stage of outdoor sport will look like. Do you know in detail, what you will experience tomorrow?

Coward or courage

What we do know is, first of all, that we will be affected by the upcoming stage — wether you are a pro athlete or a grassroots participant, a photographer or a leader. Sure, we could turn our gaze away, but that would be the opposite of courageous. Secondly, as we know from developmental science and the old wisdom traditions, the path up the new stage is going to be an extraordinary and beautiful venture. 

Training for the new level

The third point thrills the real athletes amongst us: We can train for the next step — and your work and sporting practice will become your martial arts, not only serving yourself but also others and the world. How cool is that? And last but not least: Know that our future sport doesn’t come pre-built and ready. You can’t buy it. We create it — through a co-creative synergy of unique individuals. Be a part!



Banner Image Copyright Thomas Kaiser |  Gardener Simon Sirch