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purpose and values

Our Purpose

POS exists to encourage all-inclusive development in outdoor sports. We create pervasive insights, inspiring products and effective practices to catalyze body, mind and spirit in outdoor sports and human culture.

Big Five Values

Postoutdoorsports follows a set of selected values to embrace life inside and outdoors. Feel how it resonates with yours. 


We love to play. For us, moving outdoors is playing life. Creativity is playfulness: both receptivity and activity. We are creatives if we express a whole something in our way of uniqueness and authenticity — be it your self through movement or a common spirit through new approaches and applications. Creativity occurs on the edge. It mirrors inner beauty in outer body, from moment to moment.


We want to see things clearly. Nature knows what clarity is. See through clear sky, look into clean water, and you’ll see variety and depth. Clarity of mind enables both distinction and connection. Clarity means more capacity and less contamination. Therefore we hold a scientific mindset towards outdoor culture and combine perspectives on a higher level. Because everything is true, but partial.


We believe that life is valuable. Commitment to an outdoor active way of life is driven by deeper values. We seek to recognize all of them, even if they differ from ours. Because we believe that each value is important for the whole, as many stars make the night bright. Value awareness and appreciation develops value-ability. So we honor actions of integrity in outdoor culture and beyond.


We realize that outdoor sports are connected: with nature, with art, with media, with business, with other cultures, with ourselves. In this web, the new outdoor enthusiast knows his place and efficacy. He expands his impact for the good of all: As athletes, consumers and producers we don’t ignore. We respond. We choose full responsibility for our behavior and our experience — in sports and life. This is the basic act we take.


We accept outdoor activities to evolve our selves. And we consider outdoor culture as a field to develop community.  Evolution is the unfolding of greater and greater complexity and consciousness, when each new level transcends and includes the previous levels. Inner and outer development is possible throughout your life. Evolution takes hard work, is sometimes painful, but always beautiful. Do we really have to tell you that?